The Smile Diet How to be happier and healthier starting right now

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How many times have you smiled today? Not just a polite, “how ya doin’?” smile but a smile that involved an open mouth and crinkled eyes. If your answer is in the single digits, you could stand to read this article. Research shows that smiling, laughter, optimism and enthusiasm not only make you feel happier, they also boost self-esteem, make losing weight easier, enhance relationships, help heal disease and keep you well. To help you get the hang of it, OK! talked with Mary Marcdante, author of Living With Enthusiasm and creator of the Smile Diet, and found out her top seven strategies for bringing smiles into your life. Try to do one of them each day of the week. “Doing even one small positive thing every day can impact your attitude, immune system and entire well-being,” says Marcdante.

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