Friend Me! If toddlers could type, they’d be posting ads like these

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Age 2 1/2

Hometown Ann Arbor, Michigan

Seeking A couple of kids, ages 2 to 4, interested in some coed group action

About me I’m a rough-and-tumble toddler with a not-so-secret sensitive side. I’m always game to wrestle or get dirty in a sandbox but I appreciate a cozy storytime. I’m into reprogramming the TV settings and chucking stuff into the toilet to see if it floats. I’m the life of the party and love making new friends especially now that the baby is hogging Mommy’s attention.

Relationship history Had to drop my last playmate (too many cancellations due to ear infections and his erratic nap schedule).

Drinking habits I’m partial to apple juice, straight up.

Education Day care three mornings a week. My current focus is in trains, trucks ,and cars with a concentration in trikes.

Politics Paci-fist. (But I’ve heard some cool things about the Binky Fairy)

Languages I’m nearly fluent in Whinese.

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