Power Breakfast Whatever sport you do, you’ll do it better if you fuel up in the morning

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Professional snowboarder and mountain biker April Lawyer follows a few rituals on the morning of a big race She does a series of warmup and stretching exercises, visualizes herself racing ever inch of the course — and makes sure to sit down for a breakfast of two eggs, cereal and a small fruit smoothie made with rice milk.

This morning meal has proved to be one of the most important parts of Lawyer’s athletic regimen. She’s convinced it’s integral to helping her get to the finish line first. “I just can’t function without breakfast,” she says. “It boosts my endurance and keeps me energized and focused.”

It’s a lesson more athletes would do well to learn. Whether it’s a fear of of gaining weight or not being hungry, millions of Americans skip breasfast, according to the International Food Information Council. An that can be a bad move, especially if you’re active.

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