Time To Look Younger? Cosmetic procedures may help. Here, a host of surgical and less-invasive options

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Think you’d never consider plastic surgery? You may change your mind. “We usually see people start to come in for facial rejuvenation procedures in their 40s and up,” says Michael B. Wolfeld, M.D., a plastic surgeon affiliated with Hackensack University Medical Center and director of plastic surgery for the Active Center for Health and Wellness in Hackensack. Surgical cosmetic procedures are more accepted today than ever–and due to technological advances, they’re more effective too. “Technology is improving at a wonderful rate, and we’re much better at evaluating and utilizing the technology than we were in the past — which makes the future of plastic surgery very exciting,” says Richard A. D’Amico, medical director of the Plastic Surgery Skin Care Center in Englewood and past chief of the Department of Plastic Surgery at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center. And there are plenty of treatments that don’t require surgery. “Nonsurgical options include fillers, Botox and laser skin treatments, which are most effective when used in some combination to achieve a more youthful look,” says Robert Zubowsky, M.D., medical director of The Robert Zubowski M.D. Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Paramus. So if you’re starting to consider what you might do to help yourself look and feel younger, here’s what 10 common procedures promise — and what they require.

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