Oops! The Condition Women Don’t Want To Talk About

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Ronni Weinstein’s symptoms started when she was 47. “Once in a while there would be some slight leakage — just a little bit,” according to the now-57-year-old social worker who lives in Chicago. Other times, though, she needed to urinate with such urgency, she was sure there would be a puddle on the floor if she didn’t get to a rest room fast enough. Still, it didn’t happen too frequently, so she tried to just ignore it.

Gradually, however, Weinstein’s condition became worse. She had to wear panty liners every day. Then, when the liners weren’t adequate anymore, she had to use thicker pads. She began having accidents so frequently that she needed to carry around extra underpants. “I could tell you were every bathroom is on the North Shore of Chicago.” By the time she was 48, she says it had gotten way out of control. “I never knew when an accident would happen.” Eventually, she found out that she suffered from overactive bladder as well as urinary incontinence.

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