The Sexiest Workout in Hollywood The sensual, empowering exercise movement you won’t want to pass you by

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There is a special reason Kate Hudson, Teri Hatcher, Allison Janney, Cindy Crawford and Lisa Rinna are so sexy. Aside from the fact that they are beautiful and poised women in their own right, all of them have discovered the S Factor strip workout. And no, it’s not what you think; this workout is not simply an excuse to take off your clothes. The S Factor — named for the S-shape curvature of the female body — is a technique founded and developed by actress Sheila Kelley (from such movies as Singles and Matchstick Men) that combines yoga, dance, Pilates, erotic movement and pole dancing. It not only improves flexibility, muscle tone and cardiovascular stamina, it also enables you to think about your body in a new, liberating way. No matter what your shape or size, hop on the bandwagon (or the pole) to find out how the S Factor can work for you.

The Movement

Sheila first got exposure to the strip-club scene while researching a role for one of her first movies, and she got more than she anticipated. “I was in awe of the dancing and what these women’s bodies could do,” she tells OK!. She was so transfixed by what she saw that she later developed the movie Dancing at the Blue Iguana, which was set in a strip club. For her character, she studied the dance movements broke them down and taught herself how to move like a stripper. “I became madly in love with the movement,” she says. It was a revolution for my mind and body. I felt cocky, sensual and beautiful; and at 35, after a few months of strip dancing, I had the best body of my entire life.”

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