Dance Fitness Fever Tired of the same old workout? It’s time to bust a move

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When was the last time you danced in front of the mirror? Admit it: It wasn’t that long ago, right? It’s OK. We haven’t outgrown it either. And if the success of reality shows Dancing With the Stars (on ABC) and So You Think You Can Dance? (on Fox) is any indication, it seems America has caught some serious dance fever, too. Even for those who don’t think they can dance (or don’t know they can’t), everyone can have fun doing it. The added bonus is that dancing also happens to be a fantastic workout. Read on and find out why dance fitness is so popular, and how you can get into the groove.

Think You Can’t Dance?

People tend to think that they can’t dance, but everyone loves to dance,” says Petra Kolber, a former dancer who teaches at Equinox in Los Angeles. No matter how skilled you are, “moving to music just feels good,” says Carrie Ann Inaba, a professional dancer and choreographer who has been a judge on Dancing With the Stars and a choreographer on So You Think You Can Dance?

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