Cosmo’s Flat-Tummy Plan To finally get the bare-worthy belly you’ve always fantasized about, follow this easy, results-guaranteed routine. The abs-olute best part? No crunches required.

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If you’re like many women, a flat tummy is high on your body wish list. But as you know by now, a taut tummy is an elusive trait. So elusive, in fact, that you may almost be ready to give up trying. But if your past attempts to get rid of your pooch haven’t panned out, the problem is likely that you’ve been working your abs the wrong way, maybe even making your belly bulkier — eek! — in your attempts to shrink it. “Crunches and many other traditional ab moves work primarily the superficial layer of your stomach muscles,” says Maria Leone, a Los Angeles Pilates trainer who has worked with Jennifer Garner and hosts the video Pilates on the Go. “This builds those muscles but doesn’t pull them in to give you a flat tummy or a leaner waist.”

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