Celebrity Fitness Special: Oscar’s Best Bodies How these stars get red-carpet ready—and how you can too [Get the inside scoop from celebrity trainers]

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The biggest awards ceremony is fast approaching. Oscar nominees and attendees are choosing their dresses, RSVPing for afterparties and, above all, getting fit for the big night. Meanwhile. we’ve chosen our own winners — for the best bodies on the red carpet. And we asked celebrity trainers for simple tips on how you can achieve these sexy arms, shoulders, legs, abs and rear ends, too. Read on to tone up.

Reese Witherspoon: Best Curves

Reese Witherspoon has an enviable body because it’s both fit and curvy. The hot mother of two stays in shape with regular jogs and hikes outside. “Reese doesn’t like the gym too much, so we did a lot of outdoor work,” says celebrity trainer Michael George, who has worked with Reese. “We would do dumbbell exercises while hiking, or walking lunges,” adds George, author of Body Express Makeover. To get Reese’s look, walk for 45 minutes while doing arm exercises with five-pound weights five days a week. The arm exercises you should include:

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