What readers say about Rachel

Reader Responses to Rachel’s Articles:

“I just wanted to thank you for your article in the March 13th edition of Family Circle. It helped to save my life! The article was from your First-Aid Basics on heart attacks. I’m 42 years old and thought, ‘I don’t need to read this, I’m too YOUNG to have a heart attack.’ All the same, I read the article. Little did I know that one week later, I would suffer a heart attack. Thanks to the information in your magazine, I recognized the symptoms and was able to get to the hospital in time. Thank you for printing the information for all your readers!!! I was told by the hospital that I was one lucky lady, because 62 percent of women DO NOT survive a heart attack. Again, my family and I thank you!

—Reader in Cornelius, North Carolina, referencing a March 2001 article in Family Circle conceived and edited by Rachel

“I had pulled out the First-Aid Basics [article] to go over with my 9-year-old daughter. I thought this would be a simple teaching tool. Then my 2-year-old son pulled a pot of hot tea water onto his chest. I blanked…thinking: now is this first, second, or third degree burns…what do I do? (After 24 years of parenting I cannot believe I panicked in this emergency). While forcing my mind to think, I saw your First-Aid Basics pullout and eagerly searched for “burns.” Ah, it gave me the needed information and I rushed the little one to the emergency room. Thank you for the pull out. It certainly helped me!

—Reader in The Dalles, Oregon, referencing a March 2001 article in Family Circle conceived and edited by Rachel

“Congrats on the ‘Sun Safety’ article published in your July 2004 issue. My husband recently had a mole removed from his scalp and although it was benign, his fair skin and now history of skin cancer make him more prone to develop it again. My 3-month-old daughter has his same skin type, and your article was very informative with its tips on how to protect kids. Thanks and keep up the great work!

—Reader in Miami, Florida, referencing a July 2004 Parents article on skin cancer protection written by Rachel

 “The article ‘My Daughter Almost Lost Her Toe’ was a real lifesaver in our home. After not being able to console my screaming 6-week-old daughter one night, I unsnapped her sleeper and found that a string from the side seam was tied tightly around her toe, almost cutting off her circulation. I never would have thought to check for this if I hadn’t read your article.”

—Reader in Livonia, Michigan, referencing a January 2005 article in Parents written by Rachel

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