What editors say about Rachel

Rachel is the person you can trust 100%, whether she’s writing, editing, or brainstorming. She’s a rare find in this industry: a writer who thinks like an editor, and an editor who really cares about content. She’s a pro to work with—if you want your life to be easier, she’s the person to hire.

—Sarah Smith, deputy editor, Redbook magazine

“I was one of Rachel’s top editors when we worked together at Parents. She’s a diligent health reporter, good packager, and eager, easy-to-work with editor/writer. She strives to not only dig up the key, actionable facts about health, nutrition, and parenting but also deliver them in a way that makes the story accessible, fun, and inspiring for the reader. Rachel’s a pleasure to work with.”

—Betty Wong, editor-in-chief, Fitness magazine

“Rachel was an asset to the magazine—as an editor, a writer, and, later, as a mom. Always smart, skilled, and curious, she’s adept at zeroing in on what a reader most wants and needs to know about a subject.”

—Janet Chan, former editor-in-chief of Parenting magazine and editorial director of the Parenting Group at Bonnier Corp

“I can always count on Rachel to deliver clean, smart, well-researched copy. She follows assignment notes to a tee, and reaches out with follow-up questions when necessary to ensure she’ll deliver exactly the story I need. Her work is always in by deadline, if not before, and I love working with her because she makes my job as an editor so much easier.”

—Ilisa Cohen, former senior editor, Working Mother magazine

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