Featured Articles Some of my favorites:

While They Were Sleeping, Consumer Reports investigation

Why Aren’t We Managing Children’s Pain? The New York Times Science section

What You Don’t Know About Your Doctor Could Hurt You, Consumer Reports cover story

Hope For an S-Shaped Back, The New York Times Science section

Is Chewing Gum Good for Toddlers? Or Anyone? The New York Times Science section

EpiPen Price Rise Sparks Concern Among Allergy Sufferers, The New York Times Business Day section

Parenting Through Chronic Physical Pain, The Atlantic

Furniture Tip-Overs: A Hidden Hazard in Your Home, Consumer Reports investigation

Clinicians Support Medical Marijuana Use in Children With Cancer, But Lack Knowledge, The Journal of the American Medical Association

Doctors Share What Really Happens When There’s an Emergency Mid-Flight, Condé Nast Traveler

Is Your Pet Safe Flying In Cargo? Condé Nast Traveler

Parents Navigate Tears and Cheers as Kids React to Election, The New York Times

New Research Raises More Questions about Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy, The New York Times Motherlode

Our ‘Mommy’ Problem and Mine, The New York Times Motherlode

Picky Eating in Children Linked to Anxiety, Depression and A.D.H.D., The New York Times Motherlode

When Measles Spreads From Disneyland, It’s a Small World After All, The New York Times Motherlode

E-Cigarettes May Serve as Gateway to Smoking for Teens, Study Suggests, The New York Times Motherlode

Congolese Children, Adopted Years Ago, May Soon Be Permitted to Travel to New Homes, The New York Times Motherlode

Why We Changed Our Name, The New York Times Motherlode

With hate crimes on the rise, I’m teaching my kids to be kind, not scared, The Washington Post

Aunt Mommy: How does it feel to be the biological parent of your sister’s child or the aunt of the children you birthed? Americans are finding out, Pacific Standard

Parents, Please Follow this Labor-Intensive, Alphabet-Themed Daily Schedule for the First Month of the School YearMcSweeney’s

Sharing the Parenting Spotlight, The Boston Globe Magazine

San Bernardino Shooting: How to Feel Safe in a World That Feels Increasingly Scary, Glamour

I am a Football Widow, Woman’s Day

Write On: Media’s Impact on HIV/AIDS, Business Response

New Secrets to Outsmarting Allergies, Health

Is Your Diet Affecting Your Nursing Baby?, Parents

Friend Me! If Toddlers Could Type, Parents

Sean Astin talks about his mother’s (Patty Duke) bipolar disorder, OK!

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