What’s in a name? You may notice that my byline has changed over the years. If you’re wondering why, here's the lowdown.

Before I got married, I published under my maiden name, “Rachel Rabkin.” After I got married, I added my husband’s last name, “Pechman,” and wrote as “Rachel Rabkin Pechman.” So why, you might ask, am I now writing as “Rachel Rabkin Peachman”? Nope, it’s not a typo. My husband and I decided to change our family name to “Peachman” after discovering that the “pech” in “Pechman” actually means “bad luck” in five European languages. Not wanting to saddle our daughters with a doomsday meaning to their last name, we deliberated about what to do, decided to take control of our destiny, and ultimately came up with our current (and final) last name of “Peachman,” a cheerful, sweet moniker we think is peachy keen.

For the full story on why I changed my name, read my piece at The New York Times.



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